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Can’t properly login on yithemes.com?

Last week we performed a security upgrade on our servers, to improve the reliability of the services we offer and to best protect our users. This has resulted in the reset of all our customers’ login sessions.

If you are facing problems during the login operations on yithemes.com, this is the main reason, and this is not an error of our login system but just the way your browser works.

The easiest way to solve this little issue (that may look to you as an infinite redirect loop to the login page even if the right username and password are used) is to completely close the browser on your operating system. This should normally close all active sessions.

If this does not completely solve your login issues you can follow this procedure that can be applied to Google Chrome (which is the most used browser in the world these days) and Safari (the mac OS default browser).

Please follow the steps below (Chrome):

  • Go to yithemes.com website
  • Hit F12 on your keyboard to open the Chrome dev tools panel
  • Navigate to the “Application” tab
  • Look here for “Clear storage”
  • Click on “Clear site data”


Please follow the steps below (Safari):

  • Go to yithemes.com website
  • Now navigate to Safari > Preferences… > Privacy
  • Click on “Manage Website Data”
  • Look here for “yithemes.com” and click on "Remove"




This should completely solve your login issues on yithemes.com

If you are still facing issues you can try to use “anonymous mode” or temporarily use another browser that you are not using daily to navigate yithemes.com.

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