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How to change the wording "Added Products" and "Browse the list"

Many of you ask us to change the word "Added Products" and "Browse the list" in the plugin. To do so enter this code in the functions.php of your theme:


//To change  "Products Added"
add_filter('yith_ywraq_product_added_to_list_message', 'ywraq_change_product_added');
function ywraq_change_product_added( $text ){
$text = "Done!";
return $text;

//To change "Browse the list"
add_filter('ywraq_product_added_view_browse_list', 'ywraq_change_browse_list');

function ywraq_change_browse_list( $text ){
$text = "View the list";
return $text;
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