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How do I activate my ThemeForest theme?

If you downloaded your theme on ThemeForest before asking for support you need to activate your theme. It's really simple!

  1. Go to the theme activation page
  2. Select your theme and write the Item Purchase Code.
  3. Click "Activate theme".


That's it! It is really that simple.


I downloaded my theme on ThemeForest and no I can't find it!

If you downloaded your theme on ThemeForest and can't find it, please open a support request and we'll enable you to download it from Yithemes.

What is an Item Purchase Code?

An Item Purchase Code is a unique serial number that comes included with every product purchased on the Envato Marketplaces.

Where do I find the Item Purchase Code?

The Item Purchase Code is listed inside the License Certificate found within the Downloads section of your ThemeForest account.
hover on the Downloads button and click on License Certificate & Purchase code. This will open a page as in the following screenshot, where you'll be able to find the purchase code.



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