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Help us translating our themes

Our themes are ready for localization via .po/.mo files.

If you are not familiar with translating Wordpress themes, I recommend reading this article:http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Change the language of a theme for dummies

  • Check the values of your wp-config, the language of this file must match to your translation;
  • Find the folder languages of the theme (wp-content/themes/themeName/languages/)
  • Duplicate yit.po
  • Rename your copy of default.po example: fr_FR.po for France, en_EN.po for English, he_HE.po for hebraic, and so on.
  • Download POEdit
  • Open your file with POEdit software
  • Click on the button "Update" in the tools bar and update the language file
  • Translate your file
  • In File click on Preferences and tick Automatically generate mo
  • Save your file
  • Send the new .mo and .po via FTP to your server in the folder languages of the theme

Do you want to contribute and improve our themes?
Please, send your translation to support@yithemes.com

We will thank you on theme official documentation and on the changelog in their apposite sections!

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