SMS Notification - How to use special character sets for sending SMS

The plugin uses the GSM standard set of characters. However you can specify a plugin which set of additional characters to use.
Those currently supported include the following:

cjk => CJK Unified Ideographs
greek => Greek and Coptic set
cyrillic => Cyrillic set
armenian => Armenian set
hebrew => Hebrew set
arabic => Arabic set
hangul => Hangul Jamo, Hangul Compatibility Jamo and Hangul Syllables sets
thai => Thai set


to use these special character sets just add the following function to functions.php indicating such as set you want to use:

add_filter( 'ywsn_additional_charsets', 'ywsn_additional_charsets' );

function ywsn_additional_charsets() {
return array( 'cjk', 'greek', 'arabic' );
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