Uploads - Do not appears upload button? You should first create upload rules

The upload button is shown only after creating the upload rules which apply on the products that the user added to cart. .
In order to create your first rule, follow the procedure shown below.

How to create upload rules

In order to enable, user side, the possibility to associate one or more files to the products added to cart is essential to create, administrator side, the specific upload rules.
The plugin offers three different ways to manage the uploads:

  • create rules valid for all the products of the shop
  • create ad hoc rules for single product (and for single variation, in case of variable products)
  • disable the upload on a single product

To add a new rule, you need to click on "Add new rule" button (in the settings dashboard for general rules or in single product for specific rules).

General upload rule
Product upload rule

For each new rule you need to specify:

  • label to show to user for the file
  • allowed extensions (if the file has a different extension, it will be rejected)
  • maximum size allowed for the file
  • Enable or not the notes: when enabled, the user could attach notes to the file and the administrator could read them in the specific order page

Variable products

The plugin manage also variable products. Management is simple and lets you set different upload rules for single variation of products.
If you access to a single variation, you could note you can select which upload rules you want to apply.

Product upload rule

The available rules are the general ones configured in the plugin settings dashboard. If you want to create ad hoc rules for the selected product variations, you can add them through the "Add new rule" button and save the product.

Rule for variations

Now the general rules will be no longer available for each variation: the choice should be made from the ones you have created in the product.

Rules available on variations

Each rule corresponds to a file.
Supposing we inserted three upload rules for all the products, the user could upload up to 3 files for each product in the cart.

Upload for products
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