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How do I renew my license?

Your license renewal can be done in two different ways, depending on the products you purchased. About the products that don’t include a subscription, the renewal can be easily done by your My Account page (https://yithemes.com/my-account/my-licenses/).

By clicking on “My License Subscriptions” you will get the list of products you purchased. For each product without a subscription, you will find the “Renew” button. Click on it and follow the procedure.



On the contrary, about those products that include a subscription, except for the yearly Club subscription, the renewal will occur in an automatic way. The only thing we can recommend you to do, is to verify that your credit card has available funds before the due date or that it is not expired. If it was, we invite you to update your credit card data or to add a new one directly from My Account page in Saved Cards (https://yithemes.com/my-account/payment-methods/).


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