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Remove products in the Wishlist after ask for an estimate

With the following code, the wishlist will be empty after click on ask for an estimate button.

if(class_exists('YITH_WCWL')) {
if (!function_exists('yith_wcwl_after_ask_an_estimate_remove_wishlist')) {
function yith_wcwl_after_ask_an_estimate_remove_wishlist($url, $wishlist_id, $additional_notes, $reply_email, $session)

$args['wishlist_token'] = $wishlist_id;

$wishlist_products = YITH_WCWL()->get_products($args);

foreach ($wishlist_products as $wishlist_product) {

YITH_WCWL()->details['remove_from_wishlist'] = $wishlist_product['prod_id'];
YITH_WCWL()->details['wishlist_id'] = $wishlist_id;

return $url;

add_filter('yith_wcwl_after_ask_an_estimate_redirect', 'yith_wcwl_after_ask_an_estimate_remove_wishlist', 10, 5);
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