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Frontend Manager login page is seen with a different style from that of My Account

The problem is due to the lack of the woocommerce class in the wrapper that contains the entire page. In fact this is not an error because that page is not WooCommerce and that class is not inserted.

Normally, you can fix the problem by using code in functions.php.

if( function_exists( 'YITH_Frontend_Manager' ) && ! is_admin() && ! is_ajax() ){
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'yith_wcfm_enqueue_scripts', 20 );
if( ! function_exists( 'yith_wcfm_enqueue_scripts' ) ){
function yith_wcfm_enqueue_scripts(){
if( ! is_user_logged_in() && ! empty( YITH_Frontend_Manager()->gui ) && YITH_Frontend_Manager()->gui->is_main_page() ){
$js = "jQuery('#primary').addClass('woocommerce');";
wc_enqueue_js( $js );

This is valid for the following themes: Nielsen, Mindig, Regency, Bishop, Desire, The polygon, Remy, Iris, Despacho, Panarea

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