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Please read this before opening a ticket

  1. Ticket Updates
    • Please, do not update the ticket if it is not really important. Everytime you update it, the system move the ticket at the end of the list and you lose your priority.
  2. Errors, Conflicts and Bugs
    • Please make sure WordPress, theme and plugins are all up to date.
    • Please try to disable all your plugins except WooCommerce (only for e-commerce). If this resolves the issue, please activate each plugin one by one to find the offending plugin.
    • Switch to the default WordPress Twenty theme. Are you still experiencing the issue?
  3. For Help with Setup please see your Theme/ Plugin Documentation
    • The answer to your question might already be in our Help Desk.
  4. Choose a Good Message Subject
    • When creating a ticket, make sure the message subject describes the problem. Do not write title such "HeLp me!!!" or "The theme crashed my website! URGENT".
  5. Be Specific
    • Rather than, “My theme is broken, help”, explain the relevant facts involved in your issue. The more clear and concise your question, the faster we can help. Sometimes screenshots can help show us what you are referring to.
  6. Be Courteous
    • We understand your frustration, but we are only trying to help. Please be polite, respectful, and considerate. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  7. One Question per Ticket
    • We ask that you please keep your questions to one per ticket as it is much easier if we can focus on one question at a time to ensure we are providing the best support possible. This will also help when we transfer your question to our Forum for others to reference an answer.
  8. Link to Your Site
    • If your question relates to a specific site, please provide a link to it. Sometimes a link is better than a poem of explanations.
  9. Viewing Your Site
    • If your site is hidden from public viewing, either make sure it’s viewable or provide login info so that we can take a look.
  10. WooCommerce report
    • If you are using an e-commerce theme, like Bazar or Cheope, you need WooCommerce plugin installed. When you open a ticket, please attach the plugin system report. Go to WooCommerce > System Status and click on Download System Report File. Attach it to the ticket so the agent can quickly find eventual problems with WooCommerce.
  11. Posting Code
    • When you post a large excerpt of code, it often makes the ticket difficult to read. Instead, we ask you please paste your code using Snippi or something similar and submit it as a link in your post.
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