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How to install the premium version of a plugin and activate the license after purchase

Have you purchased the premium version of a plugin? Don't you know how to activate the license after the purchase? Follow these few simple steps:

1) Go to yithemes.com and login:


2) From the menu on the left, click on "Licenses & Downloads" and click on the "Download plugin" button.


Note: if you’re using Safari on Mac and you don’t get a .zip package, but you just see a folder in your Downloads, it’s because the package if automatically unzipped. You can either create a .zip package of that folder or change your browser settings. Go to Safari Preferences > General, scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the Open safe files after downloading box. Now, you can download the plugin once again and you will be able to get a .zip file to upload into your WordPress dashboard > Plugins page.

3) After downloading the package, go to your website and login to WordPress administration area.


4) From the menu on the left, click on "Plugins". You will be redirected to the page where you will find the complete list of all the plugins available on your site. Click on "Add New" button that you find above on the left to add a new plugin.

5) You will be redirected to a new page: click on the "Add new" button that you find on top of the page.

6) Click on the "Upload Plugins" button and select the plugin package that you've just downloaded. Then, click on "Install Now". Now you only need to wait a few minutes for the upload and the installation on your site.

7) After completing the installation, click on "Activate plugin".

8) If the process ran without any issues, your plugin is now correctly installed on your website. Have fun :-)

Now, you can activate the plugin license key.

  • From the plugin panel, go to YITH > License Activation.
  • Enter here the email address you used to buy the plugin.
  • Paste the license key you can find in you find in My account > "Licenses and Downloads" https://yithemes.com/my-account/recent-downloads/ 



Are you already using the FREE version and want to activate the PREMIUM you've just purchased?

Also in this case, you have to download the premium version and activate the key. Just entering the license key is not enough as these are two different products with significant differences. Yet, this is a one-time operation, because after activating the license key, updates can be installed automatically.



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