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The list of request a quote is empty after that the customer add products in list

Do you have Wp Engine as host?


The problem is the cache of WP Engine. You can contact the support and ask to add a cache exception to the page "Request a Quote" :


My site runs the YITH Request a Quote for Woocommerce plugin and we are having some issues with page caching. The Yithemes team has instructed us to ask you to place a cache exception on our request a quote page.

 Could you please add the following URL to the exception list?


  • [ add the url of the page request a quote ]

In add I need also exclude these cookies:

yith_ywraq_session_ (<-This one is the prefix, a full cookie sample is yith_ywraq_session_8f1b5dab87414a43dc3f816fa5310085)



Are you using a Plugin for Cache the content of your site?

Please, add the page request a quote as exception. This page is dynamic and it can’t have cache.

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