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Slow theme - general tips to improve loading speed

The theme has been optimized and the code is clear and clean. Please have a look at this for more information on how to improve the performance of your website and speed it up:


1) Ensure you don't have a poorly coded plugin installed that's slowing down your site. The Plugin Performance Profiler is a good way to detect bad ones > https://wordpress.org/plugins/p3-profiler/

2) Install a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache > https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

3) Move to a premium host like WPEngine.com or update your current hosting plan to one with more resources.

4) Use a CDN service like CloudFlare.com

5) Make sure you keep your image file sizes as small as possible and optimized for the web. Use a good image-compression plugin, like EWWW or Smushit.




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