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FTP credentials? What they are and where to find them

Your FTP address would be either your domain name or IP address (either would work). You would need to contact your web host for the username and password. 


Next, you will need to download an FTP program if you don't already have one. Go to the link below and download FileZilla. It's the FTP client I use and it's free:  http://filezilla-project.org/download.php.


You will only need to fill in 3 dialog boxes (at the top),  Host: you're site's IP address or domain name (no www)  Username: FTP username  Password: FTP password  Port: should fill in automatically, but if not the FTP port is 21 


Once you are logged in, the left pane is your local computer and the right pane is your webroot. You can navigate through directories just like on your local computer. You are able to create folders and delete files from here. To transfer, simply move files from the left to the right to upload or from the right to the left to download. 

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