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I don't want the Login and the Registration forms appear at the same page

Many of you have asked us how to disable the vendor registration from My Account because they claim that customers are confused to having login and registration, but want to enable it only on become a vendor even for users not logged in.

To do this, just follow this guide:


1. Go to YITH Plugins > Multi Vendor > Frontpage and enable this option:



2. Go in WooCommerce > Settings > Account and disable this option:


In this way you have remove the registration form in my account page (like you want):


Now, you need to enable it only for become a vendor page, so first of all make sure you have set all fine. 

3. Go in Pages and look if you have a page called Become a vendor. If you don't have it you can create a new page. 



4. Add this shortcode [yith_wcmv_become_a_vendor] in Become a vendor page



5. Go in YITH Plugins > Multi Vendor > Frontpage and set the become a vendor page here:


6. We have created a little plugin to fix some style issue for this customization, please download and enable it on your website.

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