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Why has my credit card been declined?

It often happens that a credit card transaction is rejected for no apparent reason. This can happen for a variety of reasons.
Fortunately, you can avoid it by following some practical advice. Here are nine reasons why the credit card issuer would freeze you and what you could do to prevent these issues in the future.

  • You are making an international purchase
  • You are using a prepaid card to buy a subscription-based product
  • Your purchase triggered fraud protection
  • You’ve reached your credit limit
  • Info you entered doesn’t match records
  • You’ve missed credit card payments
  • Your credit report has taken a hit
  • Your card has expired
  • You forgot to pay attention on a trip
  • Another user deactivated your card

in any of the above cases, please contact your bank. Only they will be able to unlock your payment to us.

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