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License activation/deactivation issues

Some of our customers have experienced issues with the activation/deactivation of the license key after having installed one of our products. Below you find the most common issues and how to sort them out:

  1. Invalid Email: this is an error that can show up when an email address with just two characters is used, like aa@email.com, or when the email address includes special characters in the domain name, such as the dash (-) in yith@my-email.com. In order to solve this issue, just make sure you have installed the latest version of the plugin available.
  2. Invalid instance ID: in most cases, this error occurs with older license keys. Click on the button “Update License Information” to remove any possible reference to the older license and try activating the license key again. It often happens after cloning the website (e.g. when you move the site from the staging to the live domain).
  3. Invalid License Key: this is a general error that is usually due to an incomplete profile on yithemes.com. Please, make sure you complete your profile on our website and then try again.
    This error can also occur after you change the email address associated to the profile. If this is the case, then, please, contact our support so we can help you sort the issue out.
  4. cURL errors or errors related to an obsolete TLS protocol: this kind of issues are often visible in the server error_log. If you get such an error, please, contact your hosting provider support and ask them to check the server configuration settings.
  5. Unable to contact remote server: this occurs when there are issues with connecting to our own servers. First of all, please, make sure the issue is not related to temporary connection issues: trying again after a few minutes should solve the issue, if this is the case.
    If the problem persists, please, submit a support ticket (with WordPress and FTP credentials), and we will be happy to help you.
  6. Invalid software for license key: the license server does not find this product or it seems that this products is not linked to your profile. Probably there is an issue with your license key or your order. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can try from your side to solve the issue, but we will be able to fix this from our side. Please, submit a support ticket (with WordPress and FTP credentials). We will be happy to help you.

For any other issue that is not included in the above list, please, submit a support ticket through our support dashboard (My Account > Support Dashboard > Submit a ticket) and make sure you select "Activation issues" in the "What is your issue about? *" field. In this way, the URL field is not compulsory and you can leave it unselected.

Please also make sure you include the following details in the message text, which are necessary to resolve the issue:


* your FTP credentials with full access

* the website URL

* your website access credentials (with admin capabilities)

* your server IP address



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