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How can I test two or more plugins on the same live demo?

If you want to test more than one plugin on the same live demo and see how they work together, you can do that in any of our live demos. You’ll find all YITH premium plugins installed there, you just have to log into the backend and activate the one(s) you prefer.

To do that, just follow these steps:

    1. Open the live demo of one of the two plugins: 

       Let’s start for example from YITH Request a Quote demo

    2. Click on the button LAUNCH ADMIN DEMO that you find on the top bar


Once you're in the backend, go to the Plugins menu where you can find all our plugins installed,  and activate the ones you want to test.


Then, start setting up the plugin that you’ve just activated and test the two plugins as you prefer. Please, refer to the plugin documentation for any technical details.

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