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I have to update my billing details on the invoice you've issued. How can I do that?

Please, consider that the billing details of an invoice can only be edited if the invoice has been issued within the same solar month. So, if the invoice is issued on January 20th, we can only change it up to January 31st. There is no possible exception to this term, as invoices are automatically registered at the end on the month.
If you are in time, please, do the following:
  1.  Update your billing details with the right information on this page https://yithemes.com/my-account/edit-address/billing/
  2. Submit a support ticket with your request of update.
Invoices with tax and VAT number
If your invoice was issued with tax (or if you need to add a VAT number to it), this will take a step further, as it is not possible to edit the invoice itself.
In this case, the only way we can help is to refund your order, so you can buy the same product again, making sure the billing details are correct.
So, please, submit a refund request here https://yithemes.com/my-account/support/dashboard/  and specify the reason.
Consider, please, that we can only issue refunds within 30 days of the purchase date.
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